Event “CRAFT-TECH” by Mathematics Club

Event “CRAFT-TECH” of Mathematics Club was held on 9th January 2020 during 4:30 P.M to 6:30 P.M. in the Room numbers 934, 962 and New Drawing Hall. The event was for students of higher classes only. The event consists of three rounds “Speculate”, “BalCheBlind” and “Super Sonic”.

There were 24 participants for the round “Speculate’’, the test on Aptitude. Eight pairs were selected for the next round. In the round “BalCheBlind”, balloons of five different colours with questions in them were spread on the floor. One participant from each pair was blind folded and another has to help blind folded to collect all the balloons of their assigned colour. Five pairs, which solved the question in less time, were promoted for the third round. In the round “Super Sonic”, a piece of puzzle has a question of mathematical expression backside was given to all pairs. Each pair has to solve the question, go to their respective benches on which the answers of their questions were written and complete the puzzle on a picture of mathematician.

Winners in the first position are Shubham Bairagi(CT18042) and Gaurav Padole (CT18050). Winners in the second position are Vrushali Hingane (CT18126) and Shubham Chabhare (CT18125). Winners in the third position are Anshum Chouragade (CT18064) and Vinaya Sonarkar (CT18058).

Event “CRAFT-TECH” of Mathematics Club was successfully conducted with the permission, support and the guidance of Dr. B. Ram Rathan Lal, Principal, Dr. P. S. Ashtankar, HOD-ECD/EED & Associate Dean (Student Activities), Dr. S. S. Pokley, HOD of ESH, Shri. B. Venkanna, Staff in charge, KITS, Ramtek and the efforts of all office bearers. Mr. Shubham Raj , President and all office bearers together conducted the event.